Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Between the three of us, we have each been given individual roles;
I am going to be responsible of filming which means researching into how to work cameras and getting the best poissble shots we can.

Alysha Pearson ( is going to be in charge of directing, which means her roles are to be responsible for locations, props and costumes.

Alex Mctiernan ( is going to be responsible of editing, which means she will take charge of putting all of the clips together and creating the video.

To avoid any complications we are only using a small cast of four, where Alysha and Alex will play the main roles and I will be an extra. This will make filming easier and can all rely on eachother to put the effot in. As the singer, we are using Dillon Clift who will also star in the video as he has the same amount of free time as us and is commited to the project.

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