Monday, 18 October 2010


The questionnaire below was handed to 50 people to determine different aspects of our horror trailer, the ones highlighted in bold are the ones that came out the most popular.

How old are you?
1. Under 15
2. 15-24
3. 25-30
4. 30 +

What is your favourite genre of film?
1. Horror
2. Comedy
3. Thriller
4. Romance
5. Action

How often do you watch horror films?
1. Everyday
2. Once a week
3. Once a month
4. Never

What do you think are the main conventions of a horror film?
1. Monsters
2. Blood
3. Killers
4. Zombies
5. Ghosts

What do you think makes a good location for a horror film?
1. Beach
2. Forest
3. Graveyard
4. School
5. House

Who do you prefer to be a victim in a horror film?
1. Male
2. Female

What name sounds suitable for a horror film?
1. Simon Says
2. One Night
3. Psycho Simon
4. Ouija horror

Should the trailer be in chronological order?
1. Yes
2. No

What camera angles do you think are most effective in a horror film? (Pick 2)
1. Close up
2. Extreme close up
3. Long shot
4. Tilt
5. Medium shot close up


The results of our questionnaire stated that the conventions most prefered are ghosts and blood, so we intend on basing our storyline around this. We also gave them a choice of locations, and found that a forest and a graveyard were the most popular in a horror film, so again we are going to film a few scenes in these kinds of locations. We were unsure of who the victim should be throughout our trailer, however after analysing our results we decided to make the victim a girl, as they are the most vunerable. Coming up with a title for the film was one of the hardest parts, so we came up with a few ideas and let our target audience decide. Our film is going be called 'Simon Says'.

Monday, 11 October 2010


For my A2 project, I had the choice in either producing a music video, or creating a film trailer. I will be working alongside two other peoplein my class Alex Mctiernan ( and Alysha Pearson ( In order to decide, we will produce a questionnaire where our target audience will decide which genre they prefer . Aswell as the trailer itself, we must produce a dvd cover for the film, and a poster in which to advertise. We have all been given different responsibilities, and I will be in charge of filming and casting. Throughout our project, we will be using a range of different equipment and programs such as digital cameras, recording cameras, imovie and photoshop.