Friday, 4 February 2011


I realise I have to focus on what kind of shots I am filming, the camera movement and the surrounding environment. After research I found these useful tips;
- Get physically close to your subject (rather than using zoom)
- Film scenes using more than one shot
- Film more than just your subject
- Film at the same height as your subject
- Use a tripod
- Control lighting

When filming I must consider the types of camera angles;
- Eye-Level
- High Angle
- Low Angle
- Birdseye

I also had to anyalyse different types of shots and the frames;
Extreme Wide Shot

The view is so far from the subject that he isn't even visible.
Often used as an establishing shot.

Wide Shot

The subject takes up the full frame, or at least as much
as comfortably possible.


Shows some part of the subject in more detail while still
giving an impression of the whole subject.

Medium Close-up

Half way between a Mid-Shot and a Close-Up


A certain feature or part of the subject takes up the
whole frame.

Over Shoulder Shot

Looking from behind a person at the subject.

Point of view shot

Shows a view from the subject's perspective.

I will try to encorporate all of these different shots into my storyboarding.

To help me with this research i used the website;

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Between the three of us, we have each been given individual roles;
I am going to be responsible of filming which means researching into how to work cameras and getting the best poissble shots we can.

Alysha Pearson ( is going to be in charge of directing, which means her roles are to be responsible for locations, props and costumes.

Alex Mctiernan ( is going to be responsible of editing, which means she will take charge of putting all of the clips together and creating the video.

To avoid any complications we are only using a small cast of four, where Alysha and Alex will play the main roles and I will be an extra. This will make filming easier and can all rely on eachother to put the effot in. As the singer, we are using Dillon Clift who will also star in the video as he has the same amount of free time as us and is commited to the project.


Following the questionnaire we have decided to create something with a strong narrative with lots of different effects. We are going to do something unusual which is going against the convention of having the music artist being the main star in the video, however just featuring in it. We hope this will give a sense of originality to our piece.


In order to come up with an idea for a music video, we constructed a questionnaire which was given out to 50 people of our target audience, I then calculated the results.

What genre of music do you listen to the most?
R & B

Who should be the main character in a music video?
Young male
Young female
Older male
Older female

How many locations would you like to see?
Less than 5
More than 5

How would you like to see the music video?
Black and white

Would you like to see slow motion and sped up shots?

Would you like the video to have a narrative?


Due to circumstances that are out of our hands, such as members of our cast being unreliable and weather conditions, we have decided to create a music video instead. We feel as though because of these issues, our trailer isnt getting anwhere and does not look as professional as we would have hoped.By using a smaller cast of only the three of us we feel that we will have a lot more opportunities to film and will be able to commit to this project.