Monday, 7 December 2009

Choosing Layout

I tried out a few different titles to see which one was most appropriate to my magazine. In the end i decided to go with title 2, as i felt it looked funky and upbeat which is what i want my magazine to look like.

Here are some flat plans of what i want my magazine to look like;



Final Front Cover
After many changes to my orginal, here is my final front cover.
The conventions on my cover include;
- Barcode
- Price
- Features in columns
- Main feature in bold bigegr writing
- Model looking into audience
- Date
The brief description underneath each feature draws the readers attention and my hope is that they will want to read on once theyve read that.
By using a famous face and name on the cover, I also grab the readers in as she is something that they want to read about, especially after a recent split.

Final Contents

It took me a few attempts to come up with a contents page i liked, however in the end i decided on this design, giving a brief description under each page number in order to get the reader interested.
The conventions include;
- Letter from the editor
- Cover features
- Page numbers
- Descriptions of stories

Article Final

In order to keep my texts in columns I had to use the grid tool ensuring my text was directly underneath eachother.
The conventions are;
- Quotations in bold
- Pictures of the artist being interviewed
- Page numbers
- Columns

This is one of the images i took to see whether it would be suitable to use on my front cover. However i decided not to use it as she is not looking out into the audience, therefor a first glance at my magazine cover would not grab the readers attention as it is not inviting.

I decided to use an image of a young girl looking out into the audience on my front cover. This is encouraging people to buy the magazine as it is as if they are inviting them to read it. This is what the image looked like before it was edited. To make it fit more into my magazine, i changed the colour of her cardigan from grey to purple, as the grey blended into the background of my cover. I also made her hair whiter, as i wanted to make the singer look diffrent to anyone else. However, in order to make it suitable for my magazine cover, I used photoshop to edit and cut the image.

This is how the image looked before, and here is the transformation.
The picture ont he left is the orginial image, however I had to cut it out and edit it (right) to make it suitable for my contents page.

Contents First Draft

This is the first draft of my contents, however after analysing it I realsied that I needed more detail to make it look professional. I also added another image to make the page look busier.

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