Wednesday, 23 September 2009

School magazine

My name is Emily Laws and I am studying Media Studies at Heworth Grange. My first project is to design a front cover and contents page for a school magazine.

To the left is my front cover before putting writing etc onto it. We came up with the title 'Heworth Herald' as we thought it would encourage readers to buy it as the title is catchy.

I used a picture of a teenage model looking straight into the camera as it invited the audience into read the magazine, and also my magazine is aimed at teenagers.

To the right is a picture of my finished magazine cover. When i first planned my cover, i was going to have a pink and white theme, however i soon changed my mind as i felt that the magazine would then be being biased. I also edited the Heworth Grange logo to match my colour scheme.

I used headings in bold font and capitals to grab the readers attention, and to give them an insight to the things that they will be able to read inside of the magazine. Underneath each heading, i gave a brief description of what each heading was to be about.

I also used an image to represent one of my stories. Because the story was about a clever student, i used the image of a school girl holding a file which makes her look intelligent.

For my contents page, i used the same colour scheme as on my front cover as it could relate from the headings on the cover to the page numbers. I also used two pictures which match the headings on my contents page, which gives the reader more of an insight to what they will be reading.

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